About us


Jiangmen Xinhui Haizhiyuan Plastic Products Factory has become a major industry which is with thorough development in R & D, production and selling. 
We major in plastic products, such as pvc pool, inflatable punching bag, sauna suit, air furnitures , pool floats and so on.We support sample orders and product-customizing. For our existing brand products, small order is acceptable. 
We have more than 50 sets 4-150kw high frequency machines to ensure over 10000 pieces for monthly output and 15-40 days for mass delivery time.  All products must pass the bite , tension, aging and transit tests and 100% be tested for air leakage by 24-48 hours during the production process. 
Our belief is that "quality determines quantity".We focus on every detail even an fusion spot during the manufacture. Customers satisfaction is our mission. We will do our best to meet your need. 

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